The Challenger reading series is published by the New Reader Press.

Level 1

                               LESSON 1
                   The Long and Short Vowels


         a          be             I           go         rule
        name     he           time        so         rude
        save       me         ride         woke     tube
        hate       See         nine        Jones    use
        late        need       Mike        hope     fuse
                     feel         fire

         at         yes            is         Bob        but
        am         let             if         job         mud
        can        get           him       got         sun
        had        ten           his        lot          up
        has        bed          did        not         us
        and       Eddie       with


                                    Words for Study

       o'clock                    would                     said                    of
       was                        friend                     to                      do
        for                        have                      you                  know
        Mr.                        the                     money                park

                                               Bob Is Late

Bob woke up at nine o'clock. He was late for his job. He hoped Mr.
Jones would not fire him. Bob got a ride with a friend named Eddie.
His friend Eddie did not have a job at the time.

Eddie said to Bob, "Is Mr. loner going to fire you?"

I hope not," said Bob. "I hate the job, but I need the money. If I had
a lot of money, I would quit."

"If you do get fired, let me know," said Eddie. "Mike is going to the  
park with me at ten o'clock. You can go with us if you do get fired."

Mr. Jones did fire Bob, so Bob rode to the park with Eddie and Mike.

                                        LESSON 2
               More Work with Long and Short Vowels


           date         we            mile          home         tune
          gate        keep          bike          hole          duke
          lane        meet          five           rose          huge
          take        week          hire          joke           cute

          man         red             it              cop            cup
          Dan         wet            sit             box            rub
          dad         pen            six            mom          gum
          bad        when           fix            Bob            hug
                                          Words for Study

            on                    without                   down                    very
           that                   relaxed                    okay                      by
           from                   until                       let's                       or
           how                   want                     around                   work

                                      Bob Meets Dan Rose

Bob had a date to see a man named Dan Rose. Mr. Rose had a home on
Red Gate Lane. That was six miles from Bob's home. Dan Rose was a
friend of Bob's dad, and he had a job for Bob.

The job was fixing bikes. Bob did not know how to be bikes. But it was to bad to be without a job that he had said to his dad he would take the job.
Bob said to Eddie, 'I hope I feel relaxed when I meet Dan. I do not have to see him until five o'clock."

Eddie did not want to let his friend down. So he said, "Okay, let's ride
around until it is time to see him."

Bob was very relaxed by the time he got to Dan's home at five o'clock.
Dan said he would hire Bob to fix bikes.

                                      LESSON 3
           More Work with Long and Short Vowels

ā               ē              ī             ō             ū
         Kate          beep        fine         rope         June
         lake           jeep        mine       bone         nude
         made        seem       wipe        Coke         mule
         Dave         seen        nice         rode         cube

          ă               ĕ              ĭ             ŏ             ŭ
         mad         men           in           hot           fun
         hat            set           sip          pot           fuss
         nap           pet           lid          Torn           us
         jab            pep          kid          rob           bug

                                         Words for Study

             girlfriend               her               saw                sight
               bank                   as                horn                off
               she                    much             first               woman
              loved                  been              then               one

                                       Eddie's Girlfriend

Eddie's girlfriend was named Kate. Kate worked in a bank. She was
cute, and Eddie loved her. He would see her five or six times a week.
Eddie hoped that Kate loved him as much as he loved her.

Eddie had met Kate at the lake. He had been with Mike and Dave in
Dave's jeep. When Eddie saw Kate, he made Dave beep the horn so
she would see him.

At first, Kate seemed mad at the beeping, but then she saw Eddie. It
was love at first sight! Eddie and Kate had fun at the lake, and then
she rode off with him in Dave's jeep.


                                          LESSON 4        

            Changing in the First Consonant Sound

        Dave   made   bake   came              bad  cat  man   nap
        gave   fade     coke   game              fad  fat  pan     lap
        wave   wade   make   tame              sad  pat  tan    cap

        week   feel    meet    need               bed   let   ten    yes
        peek    heel   beet    feed        
       fed   bet   den   mess
        seek    reel    feet    seed                led   net   hen    less

        quite   ride   bike  time                    sip   quit   six    win
        bite     side   hike  dime          
        rip    kit    fix     pin
        kite     wide   like  lime                    zip    fit    mix     tin

        go       bone    hole  hope                rod   pot    Bob    hop
        no       cone    mole  dope       
       cod   dot   mob    mop
        so       phone  pole  rope                 nod   rot    sob      top

        tune    rule     use      cube              gum   bug  tub   sun
        June    mule   fuse    tube        
      hum   dug  rub   run
        dune            refuse                        bum    rug  cub   gun

                                             Words For Study

             lived                  help                  oven                  behind
             aunt                   this                  looked                  put
            Louise                 last                  also                    went
            didn't                   out                 herself                should
                                     Kate Bakes a Cake

Kate lived with her aunt. Her aunt's name was Louise. Kate wanted to bake a coke for Eddie, but she didn't know how to bake. Aunt Louise said she would help Kate, but Kate refused her help. She would bake this cake without help.

At last, it was time to take the cake out of the oven. The cake looked like a joke. She ate a bite. It was bad! She fed the cake to the cat.           The cat hated the cake also.

Kate as very sad. She was also mad at herself for refusing Aunt Louise's help. She dug a hole behind her home and put the cake in it.
She hoped that Aunt Louise didn't see her.

                                LESSON 5
                 Changing the End Consonant Sound

                                Long Vowels


             fade      beet     wine     note      mule
             fame     beep    wife      nose     mute
             face       beef     wire     nope     muse

            cape      week    time     rode      tune
            case      weed    tide      robe      tube
            cage      weep    tire       role

            safe       seem    line      hole       fuse
            same     seed     life       home    fume
            sale       seep     like       hose

                                 Short Vowels


            tan         bed      hit        cod       hum
            tap         bet       hip       cop       hug
            tax         Ben      hid       cot        but

            jab         pep      mix       mom    bug
            jam        pen      miss     mop      bun
            jazz        pet       miff     mob      bud

            ran        wet       bit       pot        sum
            rat         web      big      pop        sub
            ram       wed      bid      pod        suds

                                       Words for Study

            talk                something               who               don't
            after                problem                 call                year
           dinner                 it's                      Mrs.              about
             ask                 women                  Ms.                only

                                 Talking with Aunt Louise

Aunt Louise was Kate's aunt. She was also a woman Kate's friends liked to talk to. Bob went to see Aunt Louise after work. She was fixing beef for dinner.

"Can I ask you something, Aunt Louise?" asked Bob. "I have a problem at work, and I need help."

"But you said that you liked the job," said Aunt Louise.

"I do like it," Bob said. "It's not a big problem. The problem is that I don't know how to talk to the women who need bikes fixed. Should I call a woman Miss, Mrs., or Ms.? I bet talking to women is not a problem for you."

"Don't bet on it," said Aunt Louise. "Year after year, women and men get worked up about  something. It is only a name. Would you like to have dinner with us?

"Yes," said Bob, "I would love to."

It was fun to talk and joke with Aunt Louise.
                                 LESSON 6
                    Ending Consonant Blends

    nd      and         end         bind          bond      fund
              band       lend         find          fond       funds
              hand       mend       kind         pond      refund
              land        send        mind
              sand       spend     remind

    nt       ant         dent        hint        don't       bunt
              can't       rent         lint         won't       hunt
              pant        sent        mint       punt
              pants      went                     runt
              spent                                  front

    ck      back       deck         kick       hock        buck
              pack       neck         pick       lock        duck
              quack     peck         quick     rock         luck
              sack       check        sick       sock        lucky

    mp    damp                      limp                      bump
             lamp                                                   dump
             ramp                                                   jump
                                    Words for Study

         few           cards            casino           again         right
         idea          online            won            maybe      himself
        could         good              what             my           next
         play         laptop             lost               are          happy

                                    Eddie's Bad Luck

Eddie wanted to get Kate something nice, but he didn't have the
money. He had spent his check on rent. He had only a few bucks to
spend. Than Eddie had an idea. He could win lots of money!

Eddie was fond of card games. He loved to play cards online. His
friends said betting on cards was a bad idea, but Eddie didn't see the problem. He had very good luck.

Eddie got his laptop and went to the online casino. He won the first
game he played. He picked good cards from the pack. What luck!

Eddie won the next five hands. He was so lucky. He could get something for Kate  and a lamp for his home.

Then Eddie lost a game. He played again and again. But his bad luck didn't end. He ran out of money.

Eddie was down in the dumps. "Maybe my friends are right," he said to himself. "Betting is a bad idea. Then again, maybe I can win big next time."
                                  LESSON 7
      More Work with Ending Consonant Blends

             ang          ing         ong         ung
            bang        king        gong        hung
            fang         ring        long         lung
            hang        sing        song        rung
            rang        wing       wrong      sung
            sang        thing

            ank           ink         onk         unk
            bank         ink         honk        bunk
            rank         pink                       dunk
            sank         sink                       funk
            tank         wink                      junk
            thank       think                      sunk
                                        Words for Study

          clock                new                 into                outside
           day                  car                  left                 dozed
       downtown             all                 there                 once

                               The Wrong Side of the Bed

The clock rang, and Dave woke up in a funk. He wanted to sink back into the bed, but he had to get to the bank by nine o'clock. Dave had the day off from work. He needed to take money out of the bank so he could go downtown and look for a new car. He didn't want a new car, but he had junked his jeep. And Dave didn't like taking the bus to work.

He was all set to go when his cat, which was in the jam again, banged into a box of fuses that Dove had left out on the sink. The jam pot hit the sink with a bang. Bits of the pot cut Dave's face. There was also jam on his new pants.

'What a day this is going to be!" said a very mad Dave to the cat. "It's no going out when you get up on the side of the bed."

Dave wiped up the jam and kicked cat outside. He went back to bed and
dozed off at once.