Practice Makes Better

    1. We won't  present the present until everyone is present.

    2. When you align the plants, they will be in a straight line.
    3. We
all should have an awl.
    4. Don't 
bother with both.
    5. He
threw the ball through the window.

    6.  Does  do not sing. Does that animal over there sing?
    7. She gave
birth in the berth on the train.
    8. That
sign is a signal that we have to be careful here. Hear?
    9. I'll check out that Web
site when we're in  sight  of the building.
  10. Someone
said that plaid tiles should be laid quickly
  11. Kings
reign in foreign lands.
  12. The
captain said, "We will have to maintain our advantage on this mountain.”
  13. That new part will
improve the stove.
First, what's worse, she can't find her purse.
  15. To  pay for
college, he pushed his finances to the edge.
  16. The
wife of my neighbor is in labor with their first child.
  17. My
daughter brought me some  water  later.
  18. That's been in
style for a while.
  19. There's a
cage in the garage.
  20. Don't touch your
tongue with that tong.
  21. "There's
 nobody  here," the detective said. "And  no body, either."

  22. His daughter laughed, and he was caught.
Should we shoulder the steel after we steal it?
  24. Bring
forth the fourth barrel.
  25. When you drop
four cans of soup that's very loud.
  26. The
lieutenant lied, and then the bank put a lien on his house.
  27. A
tortoise does not make much noise.
  28. We
rode along the road.
  29. Take my
advice and don't call room service.
  30. The
biscuit was served with fruit by the guide.
  31. The
chief is looking at the leaf.
  32. In the spring
season, we used to meet at Shea Stadium.

  33. She was beautiful and found a proper beau.
  34. I cannot
bare to hear that bear growling; it doesn’t grow on you.
  35. I
heard that the bird got the word but not the sword, and that made him sore.
  36. The bandage was
wound around the wound.
  37. The farm was used to
produce  produce.            
  38. Mrs.
Fried served fried  food to her guests.
  39. The dump was so full that they had to
refuse more refuse.
  40. We must
polish the Polish furniture.

  41. He could lead if he could get the lead out.
  42. The soldier decided to
desert his dessert in the desert.
  43. When shot at, the
dove dove into the bushes.    
  44. I did not
object to the object.
  45. The insurance was
invalid for the invalid.
  46. They were not
close  enough to the door to close it.
  47. The buck
does funny things when the does are present. What does he do?
  48. A seamstress and a 
sewer fell down into a sewer.
  49. The
wind  was too strong to wind the sail.
  50. After a
number of injections, my numb jaw got even number.
  51. Upon seeing the
tear in the painting, I shed a tear.
  52. I had to
subject the subject  to a series of tests.
  53. How can I
intimate this to my most intimate friend?
Both cloth napkins were clean. The moth was gone!
  55. The
bond  between them made him wonder.
  56. He found singing in the
choir to be a chore.
  57. He was
content with the content of the report.
  58. His opponent did a
feint to the right and he felt faint.

  59. It was a magical feat what he did with his feet.
  60. Changing the
font was at the front of his mind.
  61. The
fool is the one with his foot in his mouth.            
Move the glove from the garlic clove, please.
  63. The
mouth of youth is sometimes troubling.
  64. Your
lung is stronger when you are young. Ah, youth!
  65. In some states, you cannot work as a
miner if you are a minor.
  66. A
minute has a limit – just sixty seconds.
  67. In the span of time, a
minute is truly minute!
  68. If the
honey is boney don’t eat it!
  69. He had to move
off of the ledge.
  70. It was the home
of the dove, but he had to move.
  71. They played
one on one, but we left before we knew who’d won.

  72. His own room was down the hall, and he would find his own down jacket.

  73. He planned to post the note about the lost dog.
  74. He tried to show us martial arts, but it was really
pseudo judo.
  75. There was a
lull in the room as he tried to pull the table closer to the closet.

  76. The psalm spoke of salmon.
  77. There was no
coral in the corral.
  78. The dog could
steer the steer to the corral.
  79. They ate
sweets in the suite while he examined his suit.
  80. Please
walk slowly so you don’t spill the milk.
  81. He would
pour the milk to see if it was sour. No?? What a coup!!
  82. Although he could feel the
wound, he didn’t make a sound.

  83. The wrangler and the ranger wondered who rang the bell. The ranger felt anger.

  84. The sound of the rhapsody just wrapped around my head.
  85. The
maid made the bed but stayed late.
  86. I will
lead you to the lead bucket. I read that it's red.
  87. I
spied the pie with my eye.
  88. I
hear that it's either here or there. Do you know where?

  89. That's a great grate!
  90. Every time he sees a bunch of
fleas he flees.
  91. Do you know what
ewes use for juice?
  92. Are
you a ewe?
  93. His
height at eight was a sight.
  94. At this time of year, early morning
dew is due. What should we do?
  95. I
read about the deed to that fancy bead?
  96. In the new play, he was
cast as a member of a lowly caste. What a waste!
  97. There's no
beer where I've been lately.

  98. That bear is a beast!
  99. He's a
bass who loves to eat bass fish.
These are not made of cheese.
101. Did you
seize the cheese?
Please don't listen to their pleas.
103. That's a very
plain plane.
104. If I give you a
piece of pizza, will that restore peace?

105. Lizzie likes pizza.
106. Don't
stare, but I bought a pair of pears and put them on the stairs.
107. There's no such thing as a
stale nail!
108. The horse doesn't understand when you say, "
Nay! Don't neigh!"

109. I was on the way to bed, but I went – instead – to weigh the bag of fruit.

110. When you read the instructions, you will know how to replace the reed.

111. He could build the case to hold the mould.
112. Are you
ready to read?
Who knows how an owl learns to hoot?
114. It made me
wonder once.
115. Don’t
give her a push. She will dive when she’s ready!
116. We
have to save money.

117. One house is nice, but I’d like two houses.
118. One is a
mouse, and two are mice – not “mouses.”


120. I’ll check that aisle.
121. I’ve
heard that you can’t hear the herd from here.

122. I want you to write right now.

123. Did you lose the rose?

124. Please wrap the present and then rap on the window.

125. Which witch is which?

126. His answer made me swerve around the curve.

127. An earthquake would certainly maul the mall!

128. It's straight. That's great!

129. Have you been to check the bin?

130. Their chairs are there.

131. That dog is gone. The other one is done with the bone, and none are left.

132. Do not delay. The train is due.

133. Would you please go get some more  wood for the fireplace.

134. Don't fill the whole hole with dirt.

135. They're too poor to repair their door over there.

136. I put those socks in that box.

137. The colonel loved to count the kernels of corn.

138. The frozen food has been chosen.

139. The message says she went for a massage.

140. Success doesn't suck!

141. You choose -- win or lose.

142. You choose -- tight or loose.

143. That's rough, though. Did you cough through the show? Did the coffee make           you cough?
119. I'd like to catch a ball before before I catch the train -- unless I catch a cold. Catch my
144. It takes muscle to rustle cattle, but it does not take muscle to make music.
145. He rode his bicycle to his psych class.
146. Before he climbed the tree limb, he limbered up on the ground.
147. Things that we use are, of course, useful.
148. For four tours there have been fouls.
149. Don't touch the pouch on the couch.
150. "Don't close the door until you've picked up all your clothes," said his mother.
151. The nose knows what's cookin'.
152. When you rise we'll see your true size.
153. The fare has gone up. That's not fair.
154. Low blow across the bow.
155. The snow slows the plow.
156. You have to bow low before the bow touches the floor.
157. A low murmur ran through the crowd.
158. We now know what makes up our knowledge.
159. The eight ate, given their height.
160. Did you notice the nice ice, Alice?
161. Alice smiled at the police.
162. We have a truce. Let's share some juice.
163. He sold solder to the soldier.
164. Do ever dream of bread?
165. The stranger was not stronger.
166.  I hope that that doctor is patient with her patients.
167. Oh yes, she has lots of patience with her patients.
168. He used the coke to soak the ground.
169. Her cousin brought a dozen roses.
170. Does it make sense to ask what a birth is worth?
171. There was a row among the oarsmen about how to row.
172. He flew from the flu.
173. I heard him hum the hymn.
174. In autumn the leaves leave.
175. Did you watch the match?
176. Is money funny?
177. He started to push the cart through the lush garden.
178. We never know whether the weather will cooperate.
179. The worm crawled through the trousers he had worn.
180. It was a lot of work to remove the cork from the bottle.
181. He was ready to swoop down with his sword using sordid language.
182. He will build the shack and then bring in the filled tubs.
183. Hey! Get off the hay!
184. Where we are is a private area.
185. "That hare is the same color as your hair," he said.
186. That gauge is wrapped in gauze.
187. The are very few places to buy fuel around here.
188. Don't bend my ear. It's too early. And don't get surly, Shirley.
189. The foliage in that ravine is divine! It is beautiful!
190. Did you hear that bear -- that beast?
191. You bathe in the bath.
192. Do you see all those people near the steeple?
193. I need you to knead the dough.
194. The baby will teethe when her teeth start to come in.
195. I will search for the eight plates.
196. You were at the play. You must have seen that scene.
197. I don't care what you say, she says it doesn't matter.
198. He would get the wood if he could. Do you think he should?
199. The laughter sang through the rafters.
200. During that king's reign, it was hard to hold the reins during the rains. Foreign  
201. The DA knew he had been a convict and was determined to convict him again.
202. The DA (district attorney) wanted to indict him, but he wasn't sure he could get  a          favorable verdict.
203. Does a pear give you fear?
204. Have you been seen?
205. You can read instead.
In the English Language
People recite at a play and play at a recital.
Ship by truck and send cargo by ship.
We have noses that run and feet that smell.
A slim chance and a fat chance mean the same thing.
A wise man and a wise guy are opposites.
Your house can burn up as it burns down.
You fill in a form by filling it out.
An alarm goes off by going on.