This Web site has a very large variety of reading material -- from beginning to advanced reading skills. Some of the material has no audio. The above links connect to some of the easy reading material.
The reading material on the ESL Fast Web site includes beginning to advanced reading levels. This reading material on this Web site includes intermediate to advanced levels. When you click on the link for the reading material, the first window you will see carries the story title and what is labeled "Pre-reading" material. The next step is to click on the link "CLICK HERE to read the story." This window presents the story without audio. To hear the story being read, click on the link"CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE." To listen to the story being read a second time, click on the link "CLICK HERE TO READ AGAIN - 2nd Reading."
For some of these, to see the text being read you must scroll down the page. For others of these, you will see the text on the same screen as the video.
Let's Learn English - Level 2
This Web site has MANY links to reading material. The material presented has a variety of formats. Some require Adobe Flash.

I help as a tutor with Literacy Connections                                                          , an organization that helps people improve their reading skills. This Web page is to help our students/clients find online material that can help with our goal: improved reading. And, as you will see, there are links to a variety of subjects -- many of which are not related. So I repeat -- the purpose of this Web page is help people improve their reading skills. Other information that these sites present may not be related to reading skills but may nonetheless be useful.