Stay tuned. Connections to hundreds of fonts on the way!

The Internet provides a Font Universe, and I have become a Font Fanatic (or maybe I should say Font "Addict.") I am not a graphic artist. I just love to play with graphics. What I am offering here is stuff for you to play with -- if you're so inclined. I will  demonstrate that I can make some adjustments to what the Net offers. What do I charge for this? $0.00! I am simply inviting you to join (what I find as) the fun. I have organized the hundreds of font icons into vari0us categories. And each icon has a label/tag providing details about that particular font. Want to contact me? Here's my email address:

I have about 2,000 graphic fonts ready to display for anyone interested. (And I have several hundred more waiting in the wings.) There is no simple way to indicate what the characteristics are for each graphic font group. Some are upper-case only. Some are lower-case only. Some are both upper and lower. Some include numbers. Some include punctuation. Some are multi-color. Some are what I've labeled as "multi-design."  Some are both multi-color and multi-design -- "mcd."  I have created a list of codes that indicate what the characteristics are for that particular font group.

What font images do I have to show? I will add an icon for each font set -- like the the ones right below. I have numbered each set. The icon for set 1090 is a "what you see is what you get" icon. Set 1090 has upper case letters -- nothing else. The "+" for set 1976 means that that set includes more than what the icon shows. And the "more" refers to several possibilities. The other letters in the set could be colored differently. The other letters in the set may have a different design. The set could include numbers and punctuation. If you would like more details about a set whose icon you see, you will email the set number and I will make the entire set available for you to see. The icon for set 1336 shows that set has has both upper- and lower-case letters. Does set 1976 have lower-case letters? Could be. The "+" includes lower-case letters.