Stay tuned. Connections to hundreds of fonts on the way!

The Internet provides a Font Universe, and I have become a Font Fanatic (or maybe I should say Font "Addict.") I am not a graphic artist. I just love to play with graphics. What I am offering here is stuff for you to play with -- if you're so inclined. I will  demonstrate that I can make some adjustments to what the Net offers. What do I charge for this? $0.00! I am simply inviting you to join (what I find as) the fun. I have organized the hundreds of font icons into various categories.  Want to contact me? Here's my email address:
I have about 2,000 graphic fonts ready to display for anyone interested. (And I have several hundred more waiting in the wings.) There is no simple way to indicate what the characteristics are for each graphic font group. Some are upper-case only. Some are lower-case only. Some are both upper and lower. Some include numbers. Some include punctuation. Some are multi-color. Some are what I've labeled as "multi-design."  Some are both multi-color and multi-design -- "mcd." 
If you have experience with editing/adjusting/redesigning graphics, you probably won't need any help from me. The Internet is Global, and that means that people from anywhere may find my site. Of course I have no idea whether people who find what I am presenting here to be worth their time. If you find a font or two or more and would like me to make some changes to the font files, I can do that (in many cases).  I have added some examples of some of the changes I have been able to make.
#1099 - rep.gif
In each example above, the original is on the left. I show this simply to point out that graphics that we find on the Internet can often be "adjusted."
To get a copy of a font, you've got two choices. (1) Right-click on the image. That will give you a menu with a few choices. (2) Send me an email with the font number (e.g., #1462) and I will send you that image. If you see a font that you like but would like some "adjustments" to it, tell me. I will make the changes that you want -- if I can. Do you want a collection of the separate letters? Are there words you'd like me create for you with any of the fonts I have posted? Don't hesitate to ask me to do something that will make this collection of fonts more useful.
Here are some links to Web sites that have "provided" me with lots of font images. On some of these sites, the links to fonts may not be obvious. Browse the Web page these links take you to. (I will add more links soon.)
I am in the process of adding font images to my site ( a process that will go on and on and...). Do I choose only those fonts that I like? Nope! "Different strokes for different folks!"
When I created this set of pages presenting fonts, I entered something totally new regarding my love of (and love to play with) graphics. It made sense to me (then) to post only those images which showed fonts ready to use. Many of the fonts images I've found and have posted have been originally posted on the Net by companies which offer those fonts for sale. And very often sets posted in this manner have a logo or some other design element which is intended to encourage us to buy -- not just download. My approach has been to download those "logo'd" font images and make the necessary changes. For example, this first image         shows my initial

download.            This second image shows my edited image. (More examples of my editing a bit above.) Here are two more font images that show "extras" -- lines or

logos or bits of the URL from which the image was retrieved.

If I were offering my work here for sale, the image editing that I am doing would be  wrong (illegal?). But what I want to do here is share, not sell! So I have no problem in making these adjustments.

It can take a couple of hours to make the changes that I want to make to 26 letters, and that takes away time from posting. So this "change of plans" is that I will post images that people may find need some editing. If that's where you are, email me with the image ID (#2011, for example) and tell me what change(s) you'd like me to make. If I can, I will!    [                              ]
One last item: The label for each of these font sets begins with either "#" or "set." As of now -- just before Thanksgiving 2021 -- the label for MOST of the posted items begins with "#." When I began collecting fonts (almost five years ago!), I didn't "see ahead" to where I am now -- posting font sets from my collection. So the posts labeled "set" are from the earlier part of my collection.