So, who am I, and what am I trying to do with this Web site? Reasonable questions, and I'll provide answers to some of your possible questions here. You can email me at  for more info.
I'm a retired teacher (music and computer stuff). With the arrival of my first PC (late 1980s) I became fascinated with graphics. I'm not an artist, but I love to "play" with graphics. I do a fair amount of volunteer work, and for the last several months I have been creating birthday cards for a counseling service in northern New Jersey. The counselors use the cards to "greet" clients -- both current and former. And then it struck me that if I could make cards for people I don't know, why not make 'em for people I do know -- friends and family. That got me started!

The teacher in me is still very active. I do volunteer work for Literacy organizations. Our primary goal is to help adults improve their reading skills.


Would you like to have a personalized greeting card for someone you're close to? Any topic -- birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, get well, condolences, thank you, congratulations and...many topics that are not in my mind right now. I am not asking you to pay me for my time and efforts. For me this is fun!


A close friend suggested that people who saw this site and got the no-money message would not want to "waste their time" with me. Is that the case? Dunno. Again, my email address is  . Contact me if you think I might be able to help you.

There is one potential situation that would get me to ask you for some $$. If you were to need a LOT of copies of some card, I would ask you to pay me for the materials I used (and had to pay for).

I have added a bunch of images to this Web site -- images that you may want to use in creating a card. There are millions more images on the Internet, so if you don't find what you want here, I can -- among other things -- point you to another site where I have collected many more images in a variety of categories. And -- if need be -- I can help you with searching the Internet to look for an image that suits you.

I'm in the Hudson Valley -- not far from Newburgh. We could meet in a local library (your choice) to do some "work" together!