Font Fanatic


Stay tuned. Connections to hundreds of fonts on the way!

Today's date is May 9,2001. I have collected SO MUCH font data that it has been taking longer     than I'd expected to get this stuff organized.

Here are a few examples:


These icons indicate some of the specific details of this font. "2" indicates lower case. "n" indicates numbers. "p" indicates punctuation. The "-" after the "p" indicates that there is a limited collection of punctuation marks.The "+" after the "p" indicates that there some punctuation marks that do not come from American English. "mc" means "multi-color"; the icon shows the font type, and  "mc" indicates that the color of this icon is not the only color. During the past few years, as I was collecting fonts, I didn't anticipate that I was doing this "collection" in a very disorganized fashion. As my love of fonts grew into an addiction, I created a second collection. The "#" before the number indicates that this is, I guess you could call it, "Group 2." The icons labeled with "set" are what I am now calling "Group 1." Adding this font info to my Web site has necessitated the organization that I have ignored up to now. I think I have about 2,000 fonts in my collection. There are, of course, MANY more fonts in the Internet Universe than I have in my collection. So I will add some links to some of the sites I have visited.
Why am I doing this? Well, I like to share this stuff. Hopefully some people will find this collection on my Web site and indicate that they would like some of these fonts. Sharing that way is my goal. I'm not "selling" anything; I'm giving! Some of the fonts need some editing of sorts if they're going to be useful. For example, the two icons below have some text that need to be removed. I'll be glad to do that -- in most cases. I'm not an artist -- just a guy with come good graphic software. So, we'll see. And I need to add, just in case, these fonts are graphic images -- pictures to use and/or play with. These are not fonts to use in a word processor.